National Research Projects-PNR- (Collaboration with DGRSDT):
PNR 1:
Project Title: Slope and Slope Stability and Stabilization Methods.

Project Manager: NOUAOURIA Mohamed Salah 

PNR 2:
Project Title: Analysis of fracture and damage in composite materials -Application to GRP pipes-

Project Leader: Pr. GUENFOUD Mohamed

PNR 3:
Project Title: Diagnosis of thin repairs of concrete structures by ultrasound.

Project Manager: BENOUIS Abdelhalim

PNR 4:
Project title: Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures by Plating Composite Slats -Size and Method of Implementation-

Project Leader: Pr. GUENFOUD Mohamed

NRP 5:
Project title: Reliability Analysis of Disaster Risk.

Project Manager: BELABED Lazhar