The laboratory of Civil Engineering and Hydraulics of the 8 May 1945 University of Guelma LGCH is a research structure created by stopped minmstriele N042 from 05 February 2001

Researchers from different LGCH teams develop fundamental research that is applied in Civil Engineering and Hydraulics

The valorization of the research the formation with the research master's and doctorate

Themes to implement

- Valorisation of raw materials and industries.

- Flow modeling and water treatment.

- Nonlinear calculation of structures.

- Reinforcement of collapsible soils.

The Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Hydraulics Guelma offers the following services:

In laboratory tests and analysis

1-Concrete tests (compression, bending ...).

2- The tests on the materials.

3- Geotechnical tests (tri-axial, CBR, penetrometer ... etc.).

4- Structural tests.

5- Chemical analysis of water.

In technical studies

1- Intervention studies on existing urban fabrics.

2- Study of subdivisions.

3- General and operational planning studies.

4- Concrete studies (CCI, VOA).

5- Structural studies (Metallic, Wood, ...).

6- Technical Studies of Architecture.

7- Geotechnical studies (landslide, soil reinforcement, etc.).

8- Studies of expansion zones.

9- Topographic studies.

10- VRD studies.

11- Studies of works of art.

In the provision of services

1- Topographical services.

2- Expertises.

3- Realization of topographic works.

4- Supervision and follow-up.

5- Specialized training (Specialized graduation, mastery of new techniques, methods and regulations ...) 



Director of the laboratory

                                                             Pr Nouaouria Mohamed Salah